Sunday, November 4, 2018

Study from the Dock

"Study from the Dock", Oil on Panel, 9"x 12"
This was our last week on the boat.  Time to winterize and haul out for the winter.  I hate this time of year, not because of all the work that has to be done, (and there is a lot), but because it is the end of the sailing season.  We did get in two final glorious days of sailing though, and I got a chance to do one more painting from the dock.  I tried this same view last year.  Maybe if I keep doing it over and over again I might get it right one day.  I am still struggling with boats.  The bright blue in the sky is Williamsburg King's Blue.  I bought it for a workshop with Howard Rose and I am determined to use it.  Might need to tone it down just a bit next time.  The sun was so bright and just an hour into the session it was right in my eyes. I couldn't really see my colors until I packed it in and brought it inside.  It is a little intense.

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