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Exhibiting and Selling Your Artwork in Public Venues

I have been so busy these past few months..happily painting and exhibiting!  I was in two exhibits in November and December and sold four paintings.  Now I am preparing for a solo show at the Paramus Public Library in Paramus, NJ. in February, and at the Westwood Public Library in Westwood, NJ. in March and April.  In my area almost all the public libraries have exhibition areas for local artists. The quality of the spaces is varied and some take commissions while others don't.  Some even advertise your show and some allow you to have a reception. There are also opportunities in coffee shops, restaurants, theaters, hospitals, and even banks. I urge anyone who has yet to exhibit their work to get out there and do it! I know it can be scary at first, but if you have a body of work, go check out your local public spaces and commercial establishments.  Once you start exhibiting you will gain confidence and incentive to keep on painting! "Snow on the Meadow" SOLD &q