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Revisiting an Old Painting

"Carnations", 6"x 8", Oil on Panel I was reorganizing my studio storage closet and came upon a few paintings I had stashed away thinking they were worth revisiting someday.  I really liked this one but I had never actually finished it.  I painted it about a year ago when I had just an hour left in class and didn't want to overwork the painting I had just finished.  So I grabbed some leftover flowers and quickly did a palette knife painting.  I never thought much about it until I came upon it again this week.  It looked to me like I just needed to establish the shadows and define the stems and leaves a little more. I have to try this again soon.  I think the fact that I really didn't care about making a great painting helped me make a pretty good one! P.S. I just sold the painting "Clementines" that I posted here two weeks ago.

Art in the Park

The Annual Bergen County Art in the Park was held yesterday in Van Saun Park, Paramus, NJ.  The event is free and open to any Bergen County, NJ artist.  Although there is no jury to enter, the works are juried and monetary prizes are awarded. Generally there are around 100 artists.  It was a good day but much colder than I expected.  Still lots of people came out and many were buying.  I sold three paintings!  I really enjoyed talking to other artists and potential collectors. Congratulations to all the winners!

Back to my Wednesday Class

"Clementines", 6"x 8", Oil on Cradled Panel Yesterday was my first class after being away sailing on and off for the last 5 months.  I am very rusty, so I set up a very simple composition.  I really enjoyed being back and I think the painting was successful. I take classes every Wednesday at the Ridgewood Art Institute in Ridgewood, NJ.  It is affectionately called 'The Barn', since it is actually in an old barn.  There are so many amazingly talented teachers and students there.  I highly recommend the school if you live in the area.  Check it out here . My teacher, Patty Nebbeling, is without a doubt once of their best artists and teachers.  Check her out here .  Our class is a particularly wonderful group.  I love coming back after such a long absence and witness how much they have all grown as artists.  They are all so inspiring!