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An Apple A Day

"An Apple A Day"  Oil on Cradled Panel  6"x 6" I finally got back in the studio after a ten day hiatus.  (I needed to keep my foot elevated and I just can't paint that way.) I had absolutely no inspiration and no idea what to paint, but I knew I had to just DO something!  So I grabbed an apple, put it down and started painting.  I was so rusty I ended up wiping it out 8 times.  But I persisted. "Another Sunflower Painting", Oil on Cradled Panel, 6"x 6" I am so excited to be the Spotlight Artist of the week on the DailyPaintWorks site.  Click here to read my interview .  If you have purchased a painting from their website in the last 30 days you are eligible to enter to win this painting. Good Luck!

The Red Barn

"The Red Barn"  Oil on Panel  9"x 12" While I am convalescing from my foot surgery, and can not attend my still life class, I am practicing landscape painting from photos.  This was a farm on a creek in the Chesapeake.  The original barn was white but it just didn't look right.  I know red barns are cliche but I just couldn't resist.  I was inspired by a fantastic YouTube video by Roger Dale Brown.  Check it out here .   He explains his process as he goes along and offers up so many tips and bits of knowledge.  It is worth watching a few times.  I am considering recreating his painting while watching the video and painting along with him. Click here for purchase information

Chesapeake Cove

"Chesapeake Cove"  Oil on Panel  12"x 16" I originally planned this to be a larger studio painting of a plein air study I did during this past summer, entitled "From the Dock", pictured below.  But I just couldn't get the boats to look right.  It was such a struggle and so frustrating that I just decided to leave them out.  I might put them in another time when I get more experience painting boats. "From the Dock"  Oil on Panel  8"x 10" I attended a workshop with John MacDonald in the fall and learned that he always frames his paintings in order to see if they are finished.  He taught us that a frame can make a huge difference.  I definitely think this is true of this painting.  It looks finished in a frame.  What do you think? Chesapeake Cove framed Both of these are available on my website. Chespeake Cove From the Dock

Snow on the Meadow ..again

I did some more work on this last week.  I was inspired by some of the snow paintings by Peter Fiore and John MacDonald.  I love the blue on the snow and the orange light.  I lightened the mountains in the background and added more meadow grass.  My photo reference was taken during a very cloudy day and had no light effects at all.  It was quite a challenge! Click here for purchase information I finally got the cast off my foot and now I have this huge boot.  Still can't put any weight on it for another two weeks, but sitting at my easel is way easier now.