Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Chesapeake Cove

"Chesapeake Cove"  Oil on Panel  12"x 16"
I originally planned this to be a larger studio painting of a plein air study I did during this past summer, entitled "From the Dock", pictured below.  But I just couldn't get the boats to look right.  It was such a struggle and so frustrating that I just decided to leave them out.  I might put them in another time when I get more experience painting boats.

"From the Dock"  Oil on Panel  8"x 10"

I attended a workshop with John MacDonald in the fall and learned that he always frames his paintings in order to see if they are finished.  He taught us that a frame can make a huge difference.  I definitely think this is true of this painting.  It looks finished in a frame.  What do you think?
Chesapeake Cove framed

Both of these are available on my website.

Chespeake Cove

From the Dock

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