Thursday, March 15, 2018

Value Sketch for New Landscape

This is a value or tonal sketch I did a couple days ago for a landscape painting I am hoping to work on this week.  I used a gray toned sketch pad and dark gray and black ink pens, and a white chalk pencil.  I would like to try doing this painting primarily with a palette knife.

Below is the reference photo for the painting.  I took the photo while in New Hampshire last month.  The colors of the reeds and the snow were much more vibrant.  I hope I can remember them and reproduce them.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sunflower Oil Painting

a small beautiful oil painting of sunflowers done with a palette knife on a cradled panel
Another Sunflower Painting, Oil on Cradled Panel, 6"x 6"
I did this little oil painting during my last class a couple weeks ago.  This is the third sunflower painting I have done.  I don't know what it is about sunflowers that make them so much fun to paint.  Maybe it's the chance to use bright yellows and oranges, and that they lend themselves so easily to a palette knife.  I am just starting to incorporate the palette knife into my paintings.  It really is a learning process but so exciting and fun!  I would like to get proficient enough to use them almost exclusively when painting plein air, especially when we are sailing, as there is really no clean up involved.  I had originally put in a part of the vase they were in but found it really did nothing for the painting.  It was just a distraction and I like it much better without it.  This is up for auction on my website.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Tomatoes Oil Painting

small beautiful oil painting of three tomatoes on a panel
"Tomatoes", Oil on Panel, 6"x 8"
I started this little painting in a still life class and was about to post the work in progress to Instagram. I had never used the Instagram filters before but I started playing around with them. I was looking for a looser and more exciting direction to go with it and a few of the filters gave me some wonderful inspiration. The filter I chose is called "Lo-Fi". I liked that it made the tomatoes look like they were on a wet surface. I am very happy with the result! (no filters on this photo). This is the last painting I did before my foot surgery. It is up for auction on my website.

Laid up for awhile

Last week I had foot surgery and I will be incapacitated and unable to paint for at least a few weeks.  So I finally have time to start the blog I always wanted to write.  I love this purple!  Although I usually paint standing, constantly stepping back to view my work,  I have set up my easel and studio to be able to work sitting down in a rolling chair.  But for the next few weeks I have to keep my foot elevated and painting that way is just not working out.