Friday, October 26, 2018

Revisiting an Old Painting

"Carnations", 6"x 8", Oil on Panel
I was reorganizing my studio storage closet and came upon a few paintings I had stashed away thinking they were worth revisiting someday.  I really liked this one but I had never actually finished it.  I painted it about a year ago when I had just an hour left in class and didn't want to overwork the painting I had just finished.  So I grabbed some leftover flowers and quickly did a palette knife painting.  I never thought much about it until I came upon it again this week.  It looked to me like I just needed to establish the shadows and define the stems and leaves a little more. I have to try this again soon.  I think the fact that I really didn't care about making a great painting helped me make a pretty good one!
P.S. I just sold the painting "Clementines" that I posted here two weeks ago.

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